Vicki holds a yellow number one in front of rails of clothing

It has been quite a year since I decided to launch my namesake brand. And I can’t believe all that has happened and I am excited for all that is to come. 
It takes a lot of belief in yourself and your ideas to share them with the world and its not always easy, and at times it can be disheartening. It is a journey that has many ups and downs and often the paths taken aren’t always the right one. Would I change it?


Vicki wears a Kirsten Cabana Lace Shirt infront of dried flowers on the wall, she is covering her face.

Before starting my own brand I worked for suppliers as a designer. Not content with one outlet for my creativity I would also sell vintage on the side whilst working full time, and re-working certain pieces that needed a new lease on life. 

After my gran passed away, my parents asked me if I would be interested in the various vintage textiles and trims that had been in her attic. I obviously said yes, my grans attic had always been a treasure trove. Amongst the items were beautiful embroidered tablecloths and tea tray cloths. Had she embroidered them? Was it her mother, my great granny? Questions (among others) I wish I had asked when she had been alive. It was these textiles, dating from at least the 50s that planted the seed for what is now the Vicki Malone label.

I love that each textile that I source has such a history, someone embroidered the patterns, perhaps the dinners served were special ones - weddings, birthdays. And now they wait to be crafted into new wearable heirlooms. It is my belief that textiles such as these, which are often cotton or linen, should be seen and admired, the artwork of previous generations showcased as a blouse, dress or jacket. These are special pieces which may spark conversations, intended to be worn for years to come. 

Vicki wears the Ellen dress infront of a wall with dried flowers on it, she is laughing.

As someone who has always loved nostalgia, perhaps too romantic for some, I just love the idea of wearing something that has a past life. It is not quite Harry Potter magic but its close. From sourcing pieces from the past to reimagining them for the future, I am looking forward to growing VICKI MALONE and I thank you all for the support and being part of this journey with me.



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