Vicki Malone is a slow fashion label run by Berlin based Vicki Malone. 

Vicki Elizabeth Malone spent 8 years as a designer in Hong Kong after studying Textile Design in her homeland of Scotland. It was after returning to the UK that she realised that she had fallen out of love with the fashion industry as it was and the concept of reworking vintage textiles began to form. Now based in Berlin, Vicki has founded her label to share in the nostalgia of the fabrics of the past by creating pieces for the future. There is nothing better than a good outfit with a great story. 

Founded on the idea that with so many textiles already in existence and working under the motto HANDMADE REPURPOSED TEXTILES using vintage and antique textiles VICKI MALONE creates special one-of-a-kind easy to wear everyday pieces. Reworking these fabrics into garments not only breathes new life into the beautiful textiles but also helps the planet at the same time.

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